Monday, May 18, 2009

Tom Felton talks about Draco Malfoy & life after Harry Potter

While in Majorca, Spain earlier this month to attend the Pirate Adventure charity event, Tom Felton spoke to students at Queens College and the Pauline Quirke Academy about Draco Malfoy, working on the Harry Potter films and life as an actor.

“Do you believe that the role you have played as Draco Malfoy has stereo-typed you as an actor?”

“Please don’t believe I can play a nice guy,” he responded. Asked if from an acting point of view, he struggled to play a “bad character” Felton said “it’s much easier playing someone nasty. Playing the good parts, and being convincing about it, is more demanding.”
Asked if he could choose to be another character in the Harry Potter films, Felton said that he would like to play the part of Lucius Malfoy, his father on the screen. However, another student wanted to know if he thought that this same character would make a good prime minister, and Felton answered: “No, he’d be a bit too selective and act more like a dictator than a democratic leader.”
On what Tom might consider doing professionally after the Harry Potter series ends next year, he said:

Responding to a question on what he was planning once the filming of the entire Harry Potter series was complete, Felton said that after some “time out” he would like to consider doing something musical in the film world. He is not, he confirmed to another student, going to make a career out of fisheries management which he had once expressed an interest in doing. “I might keep that as a hobby,” he said.
Photos of Tom with the students;

Source: Feltbeats

Copied from The Daily Potter.

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