Saturday, May 9, 2009

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint & Emma Watson on Empire magazine list

Originally posted from The Daily Potter.

Actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson
have made Empire magazine's 20 Stars Who Weren't Even Born When Empire Started list.
Dan came in at number one;
Rupert at number ten;
and Emma at nineteen

As to why the trio were chosen, Empire said:

1. Daniel Radcliffe

You know him from:
A little series called Harry Potter; December Boys.
Why's he good? Because he brought one of the world's most popular characters to life over five movies (to date) and has largely been acclaimed for his efforts.
Will he have an adult career? Well, if he doesn't he'll still never have to worry about money, which is something, but the endlessly curious Radcliffe has barely gotten started on an adult career. His decisions outside of Potter - TV drama like My Boy Jack, his stage turn in Equus - suggest that he's not one to be typecast, and will be pushing boundaries for some time to come.
10. Rupert Grint

You know him from:
Driving Lessons. And there was that little role in Harry Potter.
Why's he good? He's supported Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter through thick and thin, and has a likable everyman quality which should allow him to avoid typecasting.
Will he have an adult career? Well, so far out of the HP triumvirate Grint has the most solo-projects under his belt. That said, he is ginger, and anti-redhead sentiment remains the last socially acceptable prejudice, so he'll have to keep working at it.
19. Emma Watson

You know her from:
HP Alumnus, Ballet Shoes.
Why's she good? Having grown up on the big screen as struggling muggle-born Hermione Granger, Watson has shouldered immense pressure to come out smelling of roses. Now she has started to make a niche for herself outside of the franchise with a leaning towards costume dramas and a rumoured leading role in Napoleon and Betsy.
Will she have an adult career? Will she want one? Judging by her sickeningly good exam results and place at Cambridge, she may crave something a bit more challenging.

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