Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chase Armitage, confirmed to play as one of the "Snatchers" in Deathly Hallows movies

Chase Armitage, a parkour, a free-runner and stunt performer, has been cast as a Snatcher for Deathly Hallows. He has also done work in editing, directing and martial arts for a range of television shows and commercials. Videos of his work can be seen at his aforementioned website.

Thanks to Milau ELF for the tip! have contacted Chase, who happily spoke about his role in the film (though could not give away too much filming information because of contractual reasons).

Chase noted that he has not seen the Harry Potter films yet, though after being cast he intends to do so. He also mentions that he will be playing one of four Snatchers (no name given), and that he will start filming his scene (which he could not give information about) next week. He has also been to the set and has met the main cast, noting that Dan Radcliffe is "a real sound dude."

- Copied from The Daily Potter main site.

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