Thursday, April 30, 2009

David Heyman discussed about Harry Potter & future projects

Re-Post from The Daily Potter.

David Heyman recently attended the premiere of his new film, Is Anybody There, during which he spoke about the Potter franchise coming to an end and spoke about projects he is involved with beyond it.

“This is the last Harry Potter and I want to enjoy it because it has been a unique experience and I'll never have anything like it in my life again, so this is the last journey and I really want to treasure that, so I'm not going to be running off, I want to focus on that. But the end is nigh for Potter, sometime in June 2011 [note: DH II is due out July 15th 2011], and it will be a mixed feeling because security, this family, this great group I've worked with and this material I've worked on will be coming to an end. It's a rather scary prospect of being unemployed - and having to find my next gig looms large. But I'm looking forward to having the time to spend on new projects in a way not interrupted by Potter.”
“Next, I'm working with Alfonso [Cuaron] on something which is in it's early development stages. I'm working on Paddington Bear because I love children. I'm working on The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time [adapted by Steve Kloves], which is a rather wonderful novel – so an ecclectic array of some family, some adult films.”
Photos of David at the premiere:.

Ralph Ineson (Amycus Carrow in Half-Blood Prince) also attended the screening. Pictures of him can be seen here.



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