Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alan Rickman Was 'Dubious' About Playing Severus Snape

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After receiving the James Joyce Award last month, Alan Rickman (Professor Snape) spoke to a large group of students in Theater P in the Newman Building at University College Dublin. The University Observer interviewed him afterwards.

When asked about his tendency to play villains like "Hans Gruber" in Die Hard, "the Sheriff of Nottingham" in Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves, as well as "Professor Snape" in the Harry Potter films, Rickman was quoted to have responded:

“WHERE ARE YOU getting this from? I have been acting for 35 years and those five or six roles make such a small part of my career!”

“When selecting roles, you just try and do what you didn’t just do.”

In fact, Alan Rickman had reservations about taking the part of Severus Snape in spite of obtaining J.K. Rowling’s approval

“I said to Jo Rowling, ‘Look, I can’t play him unless I know him’. She then gave me this elliptical piece of information that I didn’t really understand at first. It was information she hadn’t told anyone else, not even her sister, but it gave me what I needed to take on Snape.”

Rickman had a similar apprehension about portraying "Colonel Brandon" in Sense and Sensibility, the film adaptation written by Emma Thompson (Professor Trelawney) of the novel by Jane Austen:

“I was very wary about it. I happen to love Jane Austen. When I first read her work, it was that type of moment where you wanted to show it to people and tell them how beautiful it is,” he explains.

“It was challenging, especially with the period clothes. You have to wear them for weeks, just practising how to walk and bow… and learning how to go to the bathroom. But I like limitations. They are good for a role. They help apply imagination to the story,..Like with my rubber head in Galaxy Quest.”

In the interview, Rickman also mentions how he feels about working in theater and working with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.

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